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Ever got concern that single datachunk capacity of clipboard is anything but enough ?
Mused about trackable list of Ctrl+C'ed fragments with ability to review any ?
Resorted to using Notepad and Paint as intermediate storages ?
...Let us cling together:

; <Sum>:

Slippery Clip is an optimized and portable clipboard management utility, mostly powered by minimalistic GUI with maximum keyboard support in mind. It provides easy-to-use storage mechanism for logging and processing any data sent to clipboard, complete with hotkey-based multipasting functionality.

Check full sources @
...Or try latest dev. build in project's [DropBox]

; <Featurae>:

--> Overcoming innate limitations & enchancing general functionality of Windows' imbedded clipbuffer.
-> Rather vast array of hotkeys, rendering ~80% of functionally to be accessible from keyboard.
-> XCopy-based installation process. Single ‘SlipperyClip.exe’ is enough for functioning.
-> Multitask data viewing system with no limits about simultaneous window opening.
-> Unobtrusive PreXP-stylish design with optional opacity and border snapping.
-> Raw text, HTML, bitmap, RTF, metaimage and path listings support.
-> Up to ten hotslots for rapid multipasting emulation (Ctrl+[0-9]).
-> Plain .INI-based settings storage with no access to registry ever.
-> Asynchronous search engine with regexp and reparsing support.
-> Intercessional data preservation within single dedicated file.
-> Consistent runtime autocompression for all absorbed data.
-> Basic Drag/Drop support for outside communications.
-> RUS<->ENG rapid xlat conversion (hotkey available).
-> Complete Unicode-compilancy.

; <Brief samples of interfacing>:

SlipperyClip @ CP (white)

SlipperyClip @ IDE (black)

P.S. Once you got nothing better to do, check - it's fun enough. And demanded.

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